Welcome to Gawain Border Collies.

We are a small, but select kennel, where our dogs lives indoors, as a part of the family. The reason for the quite low number of dogs, is that we don't want to have more dogs, than we can give them all what they need. At home we have 3 bitches and we own 1 males that is living with good friends in a family home. All our breeding stock are Show Champion and/or Obedience Champions.

Morten og Dina med deres hunde
Further more Dina is not working, so she is at home activating both adult dogs and puppies.

We don't compromise on temperament and health in our dogs. Which means that all breeding stock are hip- and elbowscored and are found clear, prior to being breed form. All breeding dogs are being eyetested and Glaucoma checked prior to the first mating. In addition all breeding stock are DNA tested for TNS, CEA, MDR1 and CL/Storage Disease or are already geneticly clear of these diseases.
And all puppies are eyetested and given a health certificate done by an Official Vetenarian before leaving us at 8 weeks.

Dina has both The Danish Kennel Club course of Breeder education and the extented Breeders education, and we of course follow the breeder recommendations from both the Danish Kennel Club and the Border Collie Club of Denmark - and more.

We are proud to say, that we so far has breed the following (including 118 Champions):

49 Show Champions
10 International Show Champions
23 Obedience Champions
4 Elite Obedience Champion
12 Rally Champions
3 Rally Super Champion
2 Rally Champion Gold
2 Rally Champion Silver
2 Rally Champion Bronze
1 Rally Senior Champion
1 International Agility Champion
2 Agility Champions
2 Jumpers Champions
2 Tracking Champion
2 Trick Champion
1 Club Veteran Champion
2 Best In Show Winners
1 Junior World Champion 2002
1 Junior European Champion 2004
2 DKK Breed Winners
4 Nordic Winners
6 Danish Winners
4 Norwegian Winners
6 Copenhagen Winners
Rally Champion National Winner 2018
Rally Champion National Winner 2020
Rally Expert National Winner 2015
Rally Junior National Winner 2021
Rally Veteran National 2022 2nd.
HTM1 Freestyle National winner 2019
Rally Champion Top Dog 2018
Rally Champion Top Dog 2019
Rally Champion Top Dog 2019 - 2nd.
Rally Champion Top Dog 2020
Rally Champion Top Dog 2020 - 2nd.
HTM 1 Top Dog Of The Year 3rd.
HTM1 Top Border Collie 2022
Top Rally Champion Border Collie 2016
3 x Silver Medal Rally Champion National
Bronze Medal Rally Expert National
Silver Medal Obedience National - CDX
2017 Top Dog CDX Obedience.
2021 R/U Top Dog CDX Obedience.
2017 Top Dog UD Obedience - 3rd.
2017 Top Dog Rally Champion - 3rd.
Top Border Collie CDX 2016
3 Jubilee Winners 2007
Bridge Winner
Kimbrer Junior Winner 2021
Top Border Collie CD class 2016
The UD - Danish Top Dog 5th 2016
Danish Agility Top Dog 2007
Best In Show Winners
Best In Group Winners
Many CC and BOB Winners

Obedience titled dogs with a total of 132 obedience titels.
Rally obediende titled dogs with a total of 63 titels.
Agility titled dogs with a total of 10 agility titels.
Herding titled dogs with a total of 4 herding titels.
Nosework titled dogs with at total of 3 nosework titels.
Skilled titled dogs with a total of 8 skill titels.
Hoopers titled dogs with a total of 6 titels.
HTM titled dog with a total of 6 titels.
DMWYD titled dogs with a a total of 4 titels.